Monday, December 12, 2011

The First Day Of Creepfest

On the first day of Creepfest, my true love gave to me...

A Zombie Hanging From A Christmas Tree!

A while back I held a contest where you had to write a story in 55 words or less. Not an easy task. Today, for the first day of the Creepfest, I ask you to write a 55 word story based on the prompt, The First Day Of Christmas. Post it in the comment section, along with a title, word count and your twitter handle. The winner will get a copy of The Massacre Before Christmas and Other Cryptmas Tales.

Here is my example of a 55 word story.


Tiny Tim wasn't very fast, not with his gimp leg. So it was no surprise to anyone when Scrooge, driven insane by 3 spirits, ripped the small boys leg off and hung him from a tree. Right next to Marley's big toe and a foot belonging to the Spirit of Christmas Past. Bah hum bug!

55 Words

Contest ends at 11:00 p.m. Eastern time. Winner will be announced in tomorrows post. Happy Writing and Merry Cryptmas! And don't forget to check the tab at the top for more ways to win prizes, including a 15 dolllar Amazon gift card.


  1. Carolers Not Welcome!

    On the first day of Christmas, the snow no longer lay pristinely on the ground; its sparkling white, now crimson. Chunks of meat dented the snow’s crusty layer, leftovers from the night’s slaughter. The merry carolers should not have haunted my step. I warned them, I did. They made me slash each one to bits.

    55 Words

  2. On the first day of Christmas, the silence came. The sky turned a muted shade of orange. That’s when I noticed the horde of animated cadavers ambling up main street. I called my wife to warn her to run, but no sound escaped my lips, beginning a silent night that would last forever.

  3. On the 1st Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me an End to Eternity.

    Her lips were blue. A stake through the heart did that to you. Not my finest present, I’ll admit, but delicious all the same. It was a gift to myself, murdering their love on Christmas Eve. I wiped the taste from my lips. They should have known that I’d find out about their little tryst.

    Word count: 55

  4. Karoling

    "Sing, you sugary little fuck."

    "On the first day of Christmas, my toe love-- OUCH!"

    “I *said*, 'No zombie versions.'”

    The gingerbread man grimaced as I chewed and swallowed the leg I’d bitten off.

    “On the first day of Christmas, my true love brain to-- AAAAARRRGH!”

    “Next time, I bight your whole goddamned head off.”

    55 words

  5. A Very Cthulumas

    On the first day of Christmas, the sky turned pea green. Jody didn’t think it was a nuclear attack. Other countries didn’t have creatures with horrific shadows. The neighbor had looked and was left a jabbering mess. She kept the curtains shut, eyes closed, hiding behind the couch when the wiggling mass of shadows appeared.

    55 words

  6. They Came: Just Like We Knew They Would

    It landed on the first day of Christmas and we all just stared slack-jawed like in the movies at the eye-watering beam of light as the door dropped down. But there were no cute little green men. I can still hear the screaming from down here in my bunker. Thank god for the cold war.

    55 words