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Monday, February 4, 2013

The Pumpkin Seed

“I am a drinker of human blood and an eater of human flesh, a monster dressed in the skin of a man.” So states Charles, the main character of the novel, after being infected with a virus transmitted by an insect vector.

The Pumpkin Seed opens in India near the Nepal border in the late 17th century. A commissioned officer of the East India Company is seeking a profitable new trade route into China. Indian bandits of the Thuggie clan attempt to stop this further invasion by the British and release a plague of insects, which carry a unique virus. This organism not only infects humans, it transforms the chemical and physical nature of the host’s body. Longevity, resilience and the need to feed on human blood and flesh make the host an efficient killing machine, especially in regard to the human race.

The novel follows the characters through 17th and 18th century England and India, culminating in present day Austin, Texas. Set in the orphanages of London and in the vile body snatching trade, a host of characters, who are as despicable as their deeds, search for the truth and a cure for their malady.

The Pumpkin Seed takes us through the vices of greed, hate, love and despair and creates a modern novel that puts colonialism in the spotlight and asks difficult questions about this generation’s guilt for the crimes of its ancestors. This novel is a classic vampire tale with a twist, told beautifully from the point of view of the vampire.
The Pumpkin Seed was originally published by Vamplit Publishing. When Vamplit went out of business Timothy found himself looking for a new publisher. He found it with Visionary Press Cooperative. YAY! I had the privilege of reading The Pumpkin Seed before it was re-released by Visionary Press Cooperative. I knew starting out that this was going to be a book that would be unusual, having read Music Box Sonata a few months before. Timothy Hobbs is an author with an imagination that brings well known monsters into a new light. The Pumpkin Seed puts a twist on the vampire legend and keeps turning until you have something fresh and original.
As with Music Box Sonata, The Pumpkin Seed spans generations, connecting events that begin in 1798 to present time and has so many layers I wouldn’t even know where to begin to tell you why I love this book so much. It’s a story of love, loss, revenge and hunger.  It is a book that is difficult to put down and when it ends you are left wanting more. I didn’t love all the characters… some of them were in my opinion very unlikeable. Others I found myself rooting for. They all were well developed and one…Grubbs, left me feeling ill and just a bit dirty. 
Now I have decided to run a little bit of a contest and Visionary Press is offering free copies of The Pumpkin Seed between now and the end of the month to anyone that wants to participate.  To get your free copy, email with the subject, Jezri's Pumpkin Contest. Then after you have read it, leae a comment here and tell me who your favorite and least favorite characters are and why. March 1st I will choose my favorite comment. The winner will recieve a $10.00 Amazon gift card. Easy Peasy. 

This is going to be fun!


  1. This book was a very interesting read. It was difficult to decide my favorite character, because there were a few that I liked. I finally decided to choose the young Andrew Morgan. I think the true reason I liked him was the fact that he kept at least some sense of humanity when faced with killing his fiancee. Even through all the carnal lust for blood and flesh that led him to ravage his parents, his love for Adrianna just would not let him do the same to her.
    My least favorite character was a bit easier to choose, because her true nature really showed after she was infected. Nara. She became so heartless and bitter as the years went by. Everyone who went through the change became a bit of a monster at some point, but it just seemed to me that she was almost the worst of them all.

  2. Kaya, you are the only one that entered??? I can't believe no one wanted a $10 Gift Card. So anyway, I am a day late on this, but I will notify Wendy and let her know that you are the winner. I have your email address and will pass it on to her. Congratulations and I am glad you enjoyed the book. I agree, Nara is very unlikable once her true nature comes out.