Jezri's Nightmare Books

Saturday, February 1, 2014


Art Sarah Sprague


Monsters come in all shapes and size.

Some monsters are round.
While some monsters are square.
Some monsters are bald,
 And others have long hair. 

Some monsters are blue.
Some monsters are red.
Some monsters have big feet
And hide under your bed.

Some monsters pick their noses,
And wipe their boogers on your toeses.
(That’s why he’s called the boogie monster.)

Other monsters drool,
And snore while they sleep,
Some monsters steal your socks
And give your dog homework to eat.

Some monsters are funny,
Some are quite scary,
Some are invisible,
But only monsters named Larry.

Some monsters like to lick their fingers,
And stick them in your ears.
Some monsters are sad,
And cry big monster tears.

Some monsters are hungry,
And will eat anything,
Like liverwurst and onion,
My mother made for me.

This is my monster,
His name is Mark
He lives in my closet
And is afraid of the dark.

I have to keep the light on,
So that he won’t be afraid,
And I tell him encouraging things,
So he’ll learn to be brave.

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