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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Society Stereotypes and Ray Rice: A Mini Rant

Mini rant: Why does McDonald's have to do boy toys or girl toys? Why do they have to add to the gender stereo type? The other day I bought Caleb a Happy Meal. The toys are NFL action figures or Little Pet Shop. He wanted Little Pet Shop. So before the cashier could ask, I said, "He wants the pet shop toy... the turtle if you have it." When we opened his Happy Meal, he had an NFL toy. So I took it back up and exchanged it, explaining when I did that not all boys like football and not all girls like cute animal toys.

In fact, if a little girl wanted an NFL toy, no one would bat an eye. If she wanted to play with a truck, no one would bat an eye. Because people think tom boys are cute. And they are. I had one. She grew up to be a well adjusted adult who doesn't take crap from anybody.

 Caleb plays with a mix of toys. He loves dinosurs, trucks, zombies and teenage mutant ninja turtles. He also likes dolls and other so called girl toys...because what, boys aren't allowed to learn to be nurturers too?

 And what is the purpose of this rant? Because after I got him the correct toy, another little kid informed him boys aren't supposed to play with girl toys.

I suppose it's not McDonald's fault. Society is what has ingrained this into us. We tell boys not to cry, not  to play with dolls. We tell them they have to be rough and know how to fight, and shame them if they don't fit the stereotypical male role. And then we end up with men that abuse women, and even when they get caught on video, there are people that think it's no big deal and make excuses for them.

Now I don't believe that this is typical behavior of most men... in fact the men I know are appalled by this behavior, but perhaps if Ray Rice had ever played with dolls he wouldn't have grown up to be a wife beater. It's just a thought...more dolls, less guns (although Caleb plays with those too,) and little less stereotyping.

By the way, Caleb did get the toy he wanted. It wasn't a turtle with a cowboy hat, like we first thought, but a lizard with a cowboy hat. Turtles and lizards... I wonder if they have to face stereotypes as well.


  1. I can't get a lizard with a cowboy hat. I'm a vegetarian. Probably not a good stereotype for a horror writer. Yet our buddy Timothy C. Hobbs is also a vegetarian.


  2. I completely agree with you. I once saw a mother berating her son for wanting a Little Mermaid toy. She told him that Little Mermaid was only for girls.
    I always played with both Barbie dolls and Tonka trucks. My brother sometimes joined me and our sister in playing Barbies--but I think he'd have to be pretty drunk to admit it these days! ;-)